Microgeneration Scheme Approved Installer

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is an independent scheme that certifies microgeneration products and installers in accordance with a set of quality standards. It is designed to provide a minimum level of protection and assurance to consumers as well as a sign of quality.

It is the only certification scheme to cover all microgeneration products and services, and has support from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and other industry groups such as manufacturers and trade associations as a leading scheme for working towards cutting the UK’s dependency on fossil fuels and cutting carbon dioxide emissions through the deployment of microgeneration technologies.

As an accredited MCS installer we are able to provide renewable consumers with a guarantee that our Company and products meet a high minimum standard which has been tested by an independent MCS Certification body.

We are able to offer renewable technologies in:-


By choosing a certified MCS installer and MCS accredited product allows consumers access to government grant funding schemes including Feed in Tariffs and The Renewal Heat Incentive .

Renewable Energy Assurance Limited

The Renewable Energy Consumer Code

As a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code we agree to abide by that Code. The code covers all factors that contribute to a high standard of customer service, before, during and after a contract is agreed. These include:-

  • clear information on the systems planned and their performance
  • acceptable sales and marketing techniques
  • arrangements for installing and connecting the system
  • the selection and quality of goods supplied
  • details of the conditions of business that apply
  • the standard of any installation and other on-site work
  • guarantees, and any maintenance and after-sales services needed
  • what action will be taken to deal with any problems, and
  • arrangements for monitoring and continuously improving the Code