Gas & Oil Boilers

To see details of all types of boilers available please see Worcester Bosch, & Vaillant, Baxi & Ideal Heating

Gas Boiler

Combination Condensing Boilers

A ‘Combi’ boiler provides heat for your radiators and domestic hot water on demand. It works by taking cold water straight from the mains supply and heats it as you need it. This means there is no need for a separate hot water storage cylinder or cold water feed cistern.

  • Hot water on demand
  • Space Saving
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce fuel costs


System Boilers

A System (or pressurized sealed system) boiler uses a sealed hot water storage cylinder which is usually installed in an airing cupboard. There is no need for an expansion tank in the roof as the combination of boiler and cylinder allows you to run mains pressure hot water from more than one outlet at the same time.

  • Suitable for larger homes or larger families
  • Space saving
  • Energy Efficient
  • Reduce fuel Costs
  • Suitable for homes with Low Water Pressure

Heat Only Boilers

A Heat Only (or open vent) boiler is usually connected to two tanks in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. A small expansion tank supplies water to the boiler and radiators, and a larger cold water storage tank provides the cold water feed to a hot water cylinder.

  • Stored Hot Water
  • Energy efficient

Oil Boilers

External Oill Boiler

Oil boilers are fired using pressure jets and oil, they are fitted with controls similar to the ones used for gas boilers . The oil fuel is burned to create a generate heat as it is atomized into a fine spray usually by forcing it under pressure through a nozzle. This spray is then usually ignited by an electric spark with the air being forced through by an electric fan. Oil boilers are floor standing and can be internal or external . As with Oil Fired central heating, the system requires a large oil storage tank outside, with easy access for delivery tankers.

  • Suitable for properties with no main gas supply
  • Energy Efficient
  • Reduce Fuel Costs